vaz – roots

In our never-ending quest for the finest tropical tinged jams from around the world, we’ve uncovered a real beauty entitled ‘roots’ from Swedish power-females VAZ. There is something truly captivating about the single – taken from their two part offering ‘Necessary, pt. II’  that blends deep tribal rhythms and afro-futuristic vocals drawing from their origins in Cape Verde, a small island nation off the coast of Africa.

“We’ve been inspired by so many different soundscapes for this record. Mainly rhythmic patterns and melodies from a number of different West African music styles mashed up with synths and voice samples. We love to twist and turn things in music. Tablas and hi-hats can exchange places, a bass line can become a choir melody and vice versa. That’s where we find the thrill and the challenges that runs through the productions on the album”



Paradise Ultd. creative director, dj and producer radiating a distinct blend of disco & house California and beyond the solar system.

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