“The video was directed by Sevrin Noakes, and shot by Kim Thomas on a Red Epic Dragon. It was filmed between a studio in Petone, and on location along the coast of Paekakariki. The narrative follows the band who are forced to live in their car, a 1980’s yellow Saab 900, due to the current national housing crisis. This is where they do everything; conduct business, relax, sleep and even take care of personal hygiene. Whilst driving to an undetermined location, they have a collision with a man with a bag of avocados. The avocados are a tip of the hat to a recent popular notion that millennials could afford houses if they weren’t spending their money on smashed avo’s at brunch. We’ll let you discern the truth of that one.”



Paradise Ultd. creative director, dj and producer radiating a distinct blend of disco & house California and beyond the solar system.

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